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At Fort Rouge Dental Group, our dentists are passionate about providing excellent patient care. Our team of Winnipeg dental professionals utilize a range of progressive dental technologies to help in the diagnosis and treatment our patients. 

Dental Imaging Technology

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays help our dentists see issues with your oral health that may not be visible from an oral inspection.

As well, we are able to access files fast, so you don't spend extra time waiting for film to develop.

Digital x-rays use the least amount of radiation possible for a diagnostic image (approx 80% less) than traditional dental x-rays.

Panoramic X-Rays

Our dentists offer panoramic X-rays so we can get a comprehensive picture of your oral health and complete any recommended treatments with precision.

Panoramic X-rays are often uses in preparation for Invisalign or Clearline treatment.

Dental X-Rays | Fort Rouge Dental Group

Other Dental Technology


Our on-site CEREC machine allows our dentist to place a crown in a single appointment. Instead manual impressions our CEREC machine takes a digital impression to create the prosthetic during your appointment.

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The VELscope uses tissue florescence to help detect oral cancers or diseases, early.

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AlloDerm® is a regenerative tissue matrix that helps restore receding gums without retrieving tissue from elsewhere within the mouth.

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LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure), is a treatment that uses a specialized dental laser to help eliminate diseased gum tissue and regenerate lost bone. 

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