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Dental Emergencies in Winnipeg

Have a dental emergency in Winnipeg? Our team understands dental emergencies don't always happen at convenient times, that is why at Fort Rouge Dental Group our dentists do their best to welcome dental emergencies whenever they happen. 

Have a Dental Emergency?

Please call our office as soon as possible at (204) 284-8216 if you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency. We are always here to help.

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Do you offer same-day emergency appointments?

At Fort Rouge Dental Group, we do our best to accommodate your dental emergency, by offering same-day appointments, when possible.

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

In a dental emergency, the sooner you come see us, the better! Our team is quick to provide you with treatment to help alleviate your pain and repair your smile.

We will do our best to give you instructions over the phone and see you as soon as possible at our office.

Call: (204) 284-8216

Not sure if you have a dental emergency?

There are many oral that are known as a dental emergency, such as:

  • Lost a filling
  • Orthodontic emergency (i.e. broken retainer)
  • Extreme tooth pain emergency
  • Sports-related injury (i.e. missing a tooth)
  • Broken or chipped tooth emergency

It's best to call us right away if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Book an appointment today with Fort Rouge Dental.

We look forward to welcoming you to our dental family!

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