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Sedation Services

If a visit to the dentist causes you a lot of anxiety, you are not alone.  At Fort Rouge Dental Group in Winnipeg, we offer oral sedation to help you relax during your dentist appointment.

We want to help ensure you feel comfortable in our care. 

At Fort Rouge Dental Group, we strive to ensure our patients feel relaxed while in our care. We understand that some of our patients may have a fear of visiting the dentist. We offer Oral Sedation to help patients with dental anxieties. 

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Oral Sedation

At Fort Rouge Dental Group we offer oral sedation to our anxious patients. Oral sedation involves a prescribed pill given to you when you arrive for your appointment.

This pill will cause you to feel drowsy; therefore it is important to have someone drive you home after your appointment.

Patient Experience

Our team will begin by walking you through the entire procedure. If at any moment, you need us to stop, you can raise your hand to get our attention.

Once your procedure is done, you may feel drowsy, which is why we suggest you ask someone to come with you and drive you home after your treatment. 

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