Dr. Dave Thode

Meet Dr. Dave Thode, our resident Australian in our Winnipeg dental clinic. Dr. Dave's favourite aspect of dentistry is helping patients find a solution that works for them. 

Dr. Dave Thode

G’day, I’m Dr. Dave! As soon as I open my mouth you’ll know I’m not from around here; I’m an Australian that has swapped the heat for the winters. Born and raised in beautiful Sydney, I attended Sydney University studying psychology followed by dentistry. After practicing in one of the hottest places in the world (Mount Isa), I decided I should take on the other end of the spectrum and challenge the coldest of winters! I practiced for a few years in Alberta, before trading the mountains for the prairies.

My favourite aspect of dentistry is working with patients to find a solution that works for them. There are always multiple ways to tackle any problem, however, it’s finding the answers that work for a patient’s current situation, and future desires is always fun. Whether it’s missing teeth making enjoying food a challenge or not having the confidence to smile at social events, I like working with patients to figure out what will make them smile, and how we’re going to work together to achieve that. Taking advanced continuing education through groups like the Kois Center and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry has allowed me to expand the options available to help patients, whether the challenge is aesthetic, functional, anxiety or something else; getting to know great patients is the highlight of my day.

Away from dentistry, I’m a sports fanatic; football, rugby, waterpolo and cricket are my usual vices, however, I’m starting to develop a taste for hockey. Under threat from the in-laws, I’ve been told I’m a Calgary Flames fan, which has given the staff at Fort Rouge Dental plenty of ammunition. I enjoy lifting weights and cooking; sous vide style cooking is my favourite at the moment, although I do feel very much at home behind a grill. I've found the patients of the prairies to be very welcoming, offering plenty of tips of how to survive the deep freeze. I can't wait to get to know more people and work with them to make them smile.

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