At Fort Rouge Dental Group our Winnipeg dentists offer composite fillings which match the colour of your tooth, in order to repair cavities and prevent further tooth decay. 

What is a dental filling?

Tooth fillings help dentists repair cavities – small holes, cracks, or fractures – so they don't become bigger dental problems down the road. In the process of filling a tooth, your dentist will remove any decayed tooth material, clean the affected area, and then fill the cleaned out cavity with a filling material. 

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When Would I Need a Tooth Filling?

Tooth decay can cause a smile hole to form on the tooth's surface, also known as a cavity. To prevent the cavity from worsening or leading to more severe issues such as bone loss, we may recommend a filling. 

A cavity left untreated may also lead to an abscess. You might also need a filling if a tooth has cracked or has been damaged.

A composite filling is recommended when for a small cavity when the area is not exposed to a lot of force from the surrounding teeth and bite.

For larger cavities or molar cavities, we may recommend another option.

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