Our Practice

Advanced Dentistry in Winnipeg, MB

best dentist winnipegWe believe in offering the highest level of dental care to our patients – with the utmost attention to detail at every level.

Fort Rouge Dental Group is founded on the years of dental experience of our doctors and dental specialists, Dr. Daniel Boyko, DMD, Dr. Krista Engel, DMD, and Dr. David Thode, DMD. We’ve been known as Fort Rouge Dental Group for nearly 50 years (and we’ve had some of our valued patients for almost as long).

We provide a wide range of procedures, spanning from general dentistry (check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays) all the way to cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, advanced CEREC procedures, and veneers) and highly-advanced, life-changing procedures such as laser gum disease treatment.

We even provide advanced sedation dentistry on-site, for those who are a little bit timid about seeing the dentist (we know, it happens!).

Whatever your need, our focus is on you and better overall oral health.

From cleanings to cosmetics to restorative procedures, we provide the highest level of dental care to Central Canada and surrounding areas by utilizing a detailed, holistic, technologically-assisted approach to address every aspect of oral health to improve our patients’ daily life.

We’re driven by the passion to offer our patients powerful, progressive solutions for every step of there dental needs.

We truly believe in pursuing the pinnacle of dental care… every single day.