Laser Biostimulation Dentistry

Advanced Laser Biostimulation in Winnipeg, MB

Also known as “low-level laser therapy,” laser biostimulation can be used by patients who desire minimally invasive ways to reduce pain and swelling of different conditions that arise over the course of one’s oral health. Laser biostimulation works by producing a beam of focused energy directed at an affected area in the patient’s mouth. This energy stimulates an affected area in the mouth and produces pain relief and/or accelerates healing.

Typically, biostimulation is used after treatments and surgeries to address certain conditions and “side effects”. Some of these conditions are listed below.

  1. Pain relief for sore spots in your mouth
  2. Management of inflammatory and swelling of gums or areas in the mouth
  3. Reduction in pain from orthodontics (braces)
  4. Post-surgery pain relief
  5. Treatment of temporomandibular disorder

Our office offers this service with pride to patients who need to address unnecessary pain and discomfort in the mouth. If you feel that laser biostimulation can help you, contact our Winnipeg office for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.